Bacto Power


Shinsuke Bacto Power is a unique bacterial preparation for your koi pond. It stabilizes the PH and breaks down nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3) from the pond water.
Nitrate is an inorganic compound that inhibits koi growth and reproduction. When the nitrate is filtered out of the pond water, the koi grow faster and get bigger. The chance that your koi will grow into real jumbo koi is considerable.

Shinsuke Bacto Power makes a positive contribution to:
– good and stable water quality
– less development of (thread) algae
– the optimal growth of your koi
– the improvement of the skin quality of your koi
– the increase of the resistance of your koi, so that you have to use less medicine for your fish

Shinsuke Bacto Power has its origins in Japan, where the product was developed 35 years ago.
Dosage at start-up: add 10 grams of Bacto Power per 1,000 liters of pond water.
Maintenance dose: weekly: add 5 grams of Bacto Power per 1,000 liters of pond water.
Preferably sprinkle Bacto Power in the filter, or at the inlet of the filter. Turn off any UV system and / or ozone equipment for 12 hours.

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