Bio Sponge


This apparently normal sponge has a special effect. Due to the unique structure of Shinsuke Bio Sponge, desired bacteria, such as those in Bacto Power, can adhere. Waste and dirt, on the other hand, cannot accumulate. The sponge ensures optimal, biological filtration of your koi pond. Shinsuke Bio Sponge is intended for multi-chamber filters, but also very suitable for moving bed filters.

Shinsuke Bio Sponge is based on the so-called biofilm theory. A biofilm is a layer of micro-organisms surrounded by self-produced mucus and, due to its special structure, attaches itself to the Bio Sponge. Other examples of biofilm are plaque, a slimy layer over a river boulder or the gel layer in a flower vase with old flowers. So we see different variations of biofilm in nature. 99% of all bacteria on our planet live on a biofilm. A biofilm can only develop if there is water and a bacterial source, such as in a pond.

One package of Bio Sponge is good for 500 liters of pond water.

Use Shinsuke Bio Sponge in combination with Bacto Power for best results.

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