Healthy Up


Shinsuke Healthy Up is a functional koi food made from fermented crabs, chitosan, chitin, chitosan oligosaccharide and natural carotenoids.

Shinsuke Healthy Up is mixed with many types of vitamins to keep your koi healthy. Shinsuke Healthy Up has various effects on the koi, one of which is the improvement of blood circulation. Koi have a large amount of small blood vessels and the blood must therefore be thin to send the minerals throughout the body. The advantage of this is that the cells can efficiently secrete waste and endotoxins, resulting in a healthy metabolism and an overall better condition of the koi. This will help prevent the koi from being prone to disease.

Sometimes koi can have yellow-tinted skin. This is due to endotoxins. Stimulating the removal of endotoxins reduces the unwanted yellowish hue. Shinsuke Healthy Up works on the koi’s mucous cells, the pigment cells, as well as the internal organs. This means that the skin becomes clearer and more radiant.

Mix 7.5 – 15 grams of Shinsuke Healthy Up per kilo of koi food. You can add water or some honey to it. Give this mixture to your koi 1-3 times a week.

Enjoy your koi and koi pond with Healthy Up.

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